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End of Mayan Calendar 2012 – Really not the end of the world? August 5, 2012

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Well, geez, that ain’t no surprise!

All the people hyping up the doom and gloom of the end of the world, with chaos and catastrophe — what will their next massive doom and gloom story be? Some people get off on focusing on the worst case scenario. It is both ignorant and annoying.

I never once believed that the end of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012, was going to be the end of the world. Most “awake” people, who are people who are conscious about spiritual evolution and personal and planetary ascension have viewed the end of the Mayan calendar as a pivotal time in history that there would be a major shift. What that shift is, will be different for each person. For the person who is consciously working on their life path with purpose and ascension, it is hopes and dreams of taking leaps into higher vibration and resonating with others that are up for the same ride. For the mainstream, rat race-based person, they too will shift, but it will just be a different levels. Consciously intending for your highest good and visualizing your highest potentials and dreams is always the best way to ride the energetic waves leading into the next shift of transformation, but it of course is everyone’s personal choice.

Here are my thoughts on the end of the Mayan 2012 Calendar and the shift we may feel and experience beyond 2012, and my thoughts on the new discovery which extends the Mayan Calendar another 7,000 years.


Insight & Guidance for End of the Mayan Calendar 2012 January 12, 2012

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*blows off the dust* reviving this blog… holy moly! It seems like eons since I’ve posted… however, all of you that follow me know my work in regards to ascension and spreading the Word of 2012 regarding amazing transformation and ascension has been at the forefront of my mission!

Here are is a series of videos I made last year to get you started back into my fold… please make sure to watch all videos in the series to receive all the information.   There is much more to report, but this foundation will help set the pace of ‘where’ we ‘travel.’  I will continue to post new information from here on out.

Thanks for joining me for the ride and please share this blog with your friends!  Looking forward to interacting with you on this very timely and important subject!

Please watch the 1st video at this link, as there is a problem embedding it in this post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy7o8eLH20w&list=UUHsLla-RsRCzo12jJcMmH-w&index=8&feature=plcp

Then watch videos 2 – 4 below:

Cindy’s YouTube Channels: http://www.youtube.com/cindyeyler and http://www.youtube.com/cindyeylerraw

FAQ on Aliens February 5, 2009

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I figured I should address the “alien” subject from the get go with this blog.  Below I will address some FAQ’s on Aliens.  I will probably go back and add to the list as I remember things.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I’m all about sharing information!

FAQ’s on Aliens

Who are aliens?

To us as humans, aliens would be any being that wasn’t of the planet earth.  So any other beings on any planet, star system or area of the Universe would be “alien” to us.  So guess what?  That means, in turn, to any other beings on any planet, star system or are of the Universe, we as humans on planet earth would be aliens to them!  Pretty much then, EVERYONE is an alien depending on where you reside.  What’s the big deal on the word “alien” then?  Nothing!

What is the difference between an Alien and a Star Being?

Nothing!  They are both terms used for the same thing.  From time to time people hear me refer to these beings as “aliens.”  They say, “I prefer the term, “Star being” to “Alien” it just seems nicer, less fear-full, or you fill in the _________.”  To this comment I say, I like to call them aliens.  Just where did the word “star being” come from anyway?  I feel no fear in using the word, alien.  In fact, I use the word alien in front of people to raise awareness to NOT be afraid or freaked out when you hear the term.  The issue is all the hype about fear-based alien interactions and abductions.  Many people seem to automatically think of the big bad grey’s when they hear alien.  Thus, my reason to help share with all those who I come in contact with – that there are wonderful aliens out there!  In fact, I LOVE aliens!  They are soooo cool!  The aliens I deal with are extremely smart and very scientific in nature, amazing healers, great teachers, and have a lot of profound teachings to share with all who are willing to listen.  I have personally learned so much from aliens, and am eternally grateful.  For this reason, I am here to share my experience of aliens in a positive and uplifting way!

What do aliens look like?

Aliens take on all different forms and shapes.  The diversity is amazing.  First and foremost, if someone is weary of seeing aliens, they will usually show up looking human to help people acclimate to them.   In my experience, the Pleiadians tend to be the star race that people tend to work with first.  Many times people report seeing them show up looking like humans dressed in white robes and/or dresses.

This reminds me of an experience I had when I went on a camping trip in the mountains of Willits, CA.  I had gone to a 3 day Dead on the Creek camping/concert trip.  One night we decided to hike up onto one of the near by hills.  As we walked up the nature path in pitch darkness except for our flashlight, we got to the top and found a place to sit nearby a pond.  We sat down and I looked up at the stars.  They seemed so close I felt like I could reach out and touch them.  It was such a clear beautiful night, and all the stars were out shining up a storm – a star shining storm!  Imagine that beauty!  We sat in the darkness now, flashlight off.  I think inside my head, “Ok, let me see who is here right now.”  Meaning, I was tuning in to see who wanted to talk to me from the spirit world.  Immediately I see a whole family of light – rather, aliens, appear right in front of me.  I’m not sure why I was surprised.  I guess I didn’t think they’d show up so fast.  I refer to them as a “family of light,” because, that is exactly what they looked like.  It was a group of them standing right in front of me appearing as “light.”  Then, as I sat looking at this light, they started shapeshifting.  Then went from light bodies, to looking like humans, then looking like aliens (the typical way they are portrayed, bald head, big eyes, skinny bodies), then back to light bodies, humans, aliens, light bodies, humans, aliens, and the show just continued.  I was sitting there wondering why they were showing me this, because I already knew they would show up in different ways.   But, it was cool and quite the show they were giving me.

Anyway, when they first showed up, I said to Rick, “… theeeeeere hhheeeeeeerrrreeeee….”  He starts moving around a bit uncomfortably looking down with the look on his face, “oh geez, I know who she is talking about…it’s the aliens….”  I said, “Do you want to see them?”  He said, “Nooo…”  I said, “Come on, just look.  Tell me if you see them.”  So he looks forward and says, “They are standing over that log over there.”  I said, “YES!”  He said, “They are standing in a group and are all light.”  I said, “YES!”  It was so cool that he could see them so easily, especially since he didn’t particularly want to see them!  It was a great light being show and I enjoyed their presence.

The next morning I drew a picture of them with colored pencils.  I scanned it and will post it here, and hopefully you can see it well enough.


Now, more on what aliens look like.  They can look like humans, typical aliens that people have depicted, i.e., the “Greys”, shapes, balls of light, colors in various shapes and forms, the list is continuous!  Heck, one time when I was performing a Light Activation Healing a saw my client’s aliens come walking in and he had 5 long haired blue aliens that look like Cousin It from the Adam’s Family show!  It was really funny.  They all have different personalities as well, so you can’t really put a one-size-fits-all label on how an alien may look or act.  It all depends.  When I do my Light Activation Healings I get a lot of different types of aliens coming through depending on which ones are with any given client.  It keeps things interesting.  The other thing that happens during the healings is many times I will see an alien come in, looking like a human, although they definitely have alien features (I don’t have the need to see aliens having to look like humans – they don’t scare me), but they will come in wearing a uniform.  It looks like a officers military outfit.  When they come in looking like this, I know they are just telling me their status and they always have a message for the client.  Anyway, what it comes down to is, aliens come in all shapes and sizes!

Ok… I have a lot more on this subject to talk about, but have to run for now.  Back with more later!


Hello world… better yet – Hello UNIVERSE! February 4, 2009

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Cindy Eyler’s 2012 Blog!  I am really excited to start this discussion rolling, as it is something that I have been being asked to do for many months now.  Just haven’t gotten to it, or felt the big push big enough.  Today let me stand, “PUSHED BIG ENOUGH” to get going with dialog on 2012.

Actually, this is going to be a pretty cool place to read, learn, expand your consciousness and even interact ~~ because I’d love for YOU to participate in some friendly, open-minded thoughts and discussions.  This is a hot subject right now… well, it really wasn’t for me, as I’ve never gotten worked up over things such as the Harmonic Convergence, Y2K, and now 2012.    I mean don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against these comings of times, rather I am not a person that gets too caught up in it all… although I admit, I’ve always found the Mayans fascinating as I know I was there as one.  Anyway, every day I am aware of the planetary energy that surrounds me.  I am all about energy, and being aware of the energy daily helps me in working with it and riding it with flow the best I possibly can.   Every day is an important day energetically – for me that is!

So you may be wondering then, why I am creating a 2012 Blog!  I was asked during an alien channeling in Boynton Canyon, Sedona, AZ, late in the night, then nudged during meditations back at home in Oakland, CA, then told with loud clarity while driving through an amazingly strong vortex by the Trinity River, CA, and now since I didn’t take the other 3 blatant hints, I am being PUSHED to do so NOW!  Alright already – I’m doin’ it!  And, actually, I am happy and excited about it, because it just feels like the timing is perfect.  Also, I have noticed so many people getting worked up about gloom and doom with 2012, I feel it is part of my mission to raise awareness.  2012 is certainly not a catastrophic event ~ rather a beautiful, highly enlightening shift to a high vibrational acceleration into very high dimensions!  It is  – Ascension at its all time Best!

This is a wonder-filled time if  working with the energy in a productive way for yourself and consciously creating and allowing your life expand, grow and willing to shed limiting beliefs in all ways possible – you life will be down right amazing.  2012 is a gift of a miracle for those that are really here for their journey!

…. Come on… take a ride with me!  We are gonna fly!