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Hello world… better yet – Hello UNIVERSE! February 4, 2009

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Cindy Eyler’s 2012 Blog!  I am really excited to start this discussion rolling, as it is something that I have been being asked to do for many months now.  Just haven’t gotten to it, or felt the big push big enough.  Today let me stand, “PUSHED BIG ENOUGH” to get going with dialog on 2012.

Actually, this is going to be a pretty cool place to read, learn, expand your consciousness and even interact ~~ because I’d love for YOU to participate in some friendly, open-minded thoughts and discussions.  This is a hot subject right now… well, it really wasn’t for me, as I’ve never gotten worked up over things such as the Harmonic Convergence, Y2K, and now 2012.    I mean don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against these comings of times, rather I am not a person that gets too caught up in it all… although I admit, I’ve always found the Mayans fascinating as I know I was there as one.  Anyway, every day I am aware of the planetary energy that surrounds me.  I am all about energy, and being aware of the energy daily helps me in working with it and riding it with flow the best I possibly can.   Every day is an important day energetically – for me that is!

So you may be wondering then, why I am creating a 2012 Blog!  I was asked during an alien channeling in Boynton Canyon, Sedona, AZ, late in the night, then nudged during meditations back at home in Oakland, CA, then told with loud clarity while driving through an amazingly strong vortex by the Trinity River, CA, and now since I didn’t take the other 3 blatant hints, I am being PUSHED to do so NOW!  Alright already – I’m doin’ it!  And, actually, I am happy and excited about it, because it just feels like the timing is perfect.  Also, I have noticed so many people getting worked up about gloom and doom with 2012, I feel it is part of my mission to raise awareness.  2012 is certainly not a catastrophic event ~ rather a beautiful, highly enlightening shift to a high vibrational acceleration into very high dimensions!  It is  – Ascension at its all time Best!

This is a wonder-filled time if  working with the energy in a productive way for yourself and consciously creating and allowing your life expand, grow and willing to shed limiting beliefs in all ways possible – you life will be down right amazing.  2012 is a gift of a miracle for those that are really here for their journey!

…. Come on… take a ride with me!  We are gonna fly!




1. michael - February 6, 2009

I really do believe that the surge in people asking about 2012 is a sign that people are begining to be aware… We are beings that are constantly manifesting all the time, so this is the time to keep our thoughts positive and our focus on peace,love,and light 🙂

cindyeyler - January 12, 2012


2. Susan Rowland - February 6, 2009

Thanks for writing this! Love your blog. I believe in the ascension as positive spiritual awakening for all of us-strenthening our evolving intentions. We do have a place in the destiny of the planet! Remember when nobody was recycling? Or driving hybrid or electric cars. Have had similar experiences in the places you mentioned. Totally at ease with “the others.” I have a book to share with you if you want to email me. Carry on! 🙂

cindyeyler - January 12, 2012

Well, I’m a few years late in responding, but time to get this one up and running… Thanks for commenting!

3. Homer - February 7, 2009

There will be a 2012 movie coming out in the theaters soon. From what I saw in the preview, it’ll be a doom and gloom movie. So I am glad your talking about 2012 in a more positive perspective.

Also, when I was watching President Obama’s Inauguration, right during his speech, I got a hit that his administration will finally disclose secrets about the UFOs and aliens.

cindyeyler - January 12, 2012

It’s ALL positive!

4. Darlene Lezard - July 27, 2009

Hi Cindy, I read a book recently, titled, “Prepare for the Landings”, have you read it?? After I read it, I was sooo excited. All my life I knew I had a job to do, a purpose in life. After reading that book, I felt that I found my answer to what I’m suppose to do. I have a question that I’d like your thoughts/opinions on. About once a year, for a while now, it lasts for about a week, instead of sleeping & dreaming, I feel like I’ve been going to “school” to learn something “important”, but I can’t remember what it is that I’m learning. I have a feeling that when the time comes, everything I’ve been learning will be put to practice or put to work. Whadda ya think?? Anyone else going to “school”? while they sleep?? Thx.

cindyeyler - January 12, 2012

Haven’t heard of the book, but interested in checking out what it is about.

Definitely, lots of dream-state traveling and learning!

5. Chris White - November 11, 2009

Hi i used a quote from your blog here in one of my recent videos

6. cindyeyler - January 12, 2012

You used my comments out of context, but it’s all good… thanks for letting me know you used a portion of my blog… much light to you and your messages…

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